Autosoft 3000: Configuration, data acquisition, visualisation software

  • Fast, easy-to-use configuration
  • Alarm management with 4 alarm levels
  • Drag and drop for configuration
  • Combine channels in measurement groups
  • Triggered start and/or stop of measurements
  • Online Rosette calculations
  • Wiring diagrams for sensors per channel
  • Scaling through n-point calibration or polynoms
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Signasoft 6000: Configuration, visualisation and datalog software

  • For PICAS, SIGNALOG 6000, StrainBUSter and e.bloxx/q.bloxx modules (combinations are possible)
  • Graphic visualisation in X(t) and X(y) diagrams
  • Control of e.g. an A6-2CF e.bloxx with displacement sensor and PICAS with load cell
  • Active-X controls
  • 4 Alarm limits per channel
  • Including virtual channels for formulas and derived calculations
  • Triggers controllable through alarm limits
  • Triggers can be used to start and stop data logging
  • Support Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
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