Autosoft 3000

Autosoft 3000 Datalog- and configuration software

  • Autolog 3000, Autolog 2100 and GPS systems (through USB)
  • PICAS/Signalog 6000, StrainBUSter, FBG Interrogator
  • Fast, easy-to-use configuration
  • Alarm management using 4 alarm levels
  • Drag and drop to configure the measurement
  • Combineer channels in measurement groups
  • Selectable measurement speed per measurement group
  • Load step measurements
  • Triggered start and/or stop of measurements
  • Online Rosette calculations
  • Pt-100 and thermocouple types
  • DC voltage inputs incl. conversion to engineering units
  • Trigger digital output at alarm
  • Wiring diagrams of sensor per channel
  • Scaling through n-point calibration or polynoms
  • More information…
Autosoft 3000 confguration software

Peekel Instruments has been developing software for many years. Based on previous experience with other software packages like Autosoft-C, Autosoft-NT and Signasoft 6000 and listening to customers Peekel developed Autosoft 3000. To configure your Autolog data acquisition system, to perform the measurement, to visualise and to store your measurement data quickly and accurately.

A comparison of the available software packages

 Autosoft NTSignasoft 6000Autosoft 3000
Language supportEN/DEEN/DE/NL/(FR)EN/DE/NL
Online help
Supported Devices
Autolog 2xxx×
Autolog 3000×
Picas/Signalog 6000×
Ganter e.bloxx/Q.bloxx×
GPS receiver (USB/serial port)××
Basic channel settings
Wiring diagrams× ×
Copy parameters
Linear scaling
Polynomial scaling
n-Point scaling× ×
Online sensor calibration× ×
Export to text file
Export to XML× ×
Export/import parameters××/√ (1)
Virtual Channels
Rosette Channels×/√ (2)
Create multiple rosettes at once ×
(1) Limited to manual copy/paste through Settings View
(2) Create only, no editing capabilities
Separate speed for each channel× ×
Measurement groups ×
Supports large number of channels ×
Supports high measurement speeds×
Shunt result interpretation×
Balance/tare on meas.groups ×
Logging rules× ×
Triggers ×
Set/control outputs ×
Event history (status log)×
Disk free space / CPU load× ×
Bargraph× ×
Online graph
Historic graph (from archives)×
Historic XY-plot× ×
Alarm limits visible in graph× ×
Copy/paste data/graphs to other apps×
Binary archive×
Balance/tare/shunt archived× ×
Online export (ASCII/DIAdem) ×
Graphic preview of exportN/A×
Export to ASCIIN/A
Export to DIAdemN/A
Export to MatlabN/A
Export to GreenEyeN/A×
Quick export of most recent meas.dataN/A×

Autosoft 3000 software

Device settings: CAN address, extension cards, firmware version...