Calibration of load cells, renting of measuring equipment...

Test rapport

Peekel Instruments provides:

  • Calibration of load cells
  • Bonding of straingauge bridges onto customer's structures in our Rotterdam works, including temperature treatment
  • Performing strain measurements
  • Design and development of load and force transducers

The test department of Peekel Instruments is equiped with certified measurement equipment in order to calibrate and certify all types of Peekel straingauge measurement amplifiers, data acquisition systemen and load cells.

Before a certification can take place the equipment will be fully tested. A defect in the equipment can be repaired.


Renting of measuring equipment

Although not a standard item in our delivery programme, Peekel Instruments is able to assist you by providing measuring equipment on a rental basis for shorter periods. Please contact us if you have such requirements.