Product Overview

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Autolog 3000: universal measuring system for Strain, DC, Temperature etc.

  • Multiple cards for optimal price/performance ratio
    • CA3460: DC measurement card, 6 channels
    • CA3540: CF measurement card, 4 channels
    • CD3733: Multi=channel digital IO card
    • CM3410: Multiplexer card
  • Universal inputs per card with individually adjustable channels (scan speed, sensor type, gain setting , ...)
  • 100% computer controlled
  • Synchronous masurement at 1 KHz/channel
  • Several housings : portable, table-top or 19" rack version
  • Delivery incl. ActiveX-controls
  • Configuration, logging and visualization software Autosoft 3000
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StrainBUSter: Decentralized measuring module via CAN-Bus

  • 2 channel measurement module for strain gage (full, half and quarter bridge), Pt-100 or potentiometric
  • CAN Interface with cable lengths up to 5 km
  • 18 Bit A/D conversion
  • Selectable bus speed to accomodate for longer cables
  • Daisy chain up to 60 devices
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PICAS/Signalog : CF and/or DC measuring amplifier

  • 2 channel 5 kHz carrier frequency amplfier with 2 kHz bandwidth and galvanic isolation between sensor and amplifier
  • 4 channel DC amplifier for DC, potentiometric sensors and thermocouples
  • Combine CF and DC amplifiers in one system
  • 20,000 measurements/s using the PB61000 high speed controller
  • Operation via PC or by the dedicated pushbuttons and 5 digit display at the front
  • Communication via USB, RS232 or RS485
  • Extendable to 128 channels by using the RS-485 communication port
  • Full software control by Active-X controls
  • Simple 3-step operation to obtain correct measuring
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Autolog: up to 1000 Channels Strain, DC, Temperature etc.

  • Measure almost every sensor type, including strain and temperature
  • Specifically designed from straingage measurement
  • Expandable up to 1000 channels per system
  • 18 Bit A/D conversion
  • Resolution up to 1 µV/V, or 0,05 µm/m
  • Built-in carrier frequency or DCC (dual constant current) measuring amplifier
  • RS232- and IEEE-interface
  • Autosoft-NT: extremely user-friendly configuration and datalog software
  • Or use the new and improved Autosoft 3000 software
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