PICAS/Signalog 6000 Measuring Amplifiers

Key features

  • 2 channel 5 kHz carrier frequency amplfier with 2 kHz bandwidth (CA2CF card) with galvanic isolation between sensor and amplifier
  • 4 channel DC amplifier for DC, potentiometric sensors and thermocouples (CA4AI card )
  • Combine CF and DC amplifiers in one system
  • 20,000 measurements/s using the PB61000 high speed controller
  • Operation via PC or by the dedicated pushbuttons and 5 digit display at the front
  • Communication via USB, RS232 or RS485
  • Extendable to 128 channels by using the RS-485 communication port
  • Full software control by Active-X controls
  • Simple 3-step operation to obtain correct measuring

CA2CF: 2 channel carrier amplifier

The CA2CF has been primarily developed for the conditioning of straingauges and sensors based on the straingauge principle. PICAS (Peekel Instruments Compact Amplifier System) provides built-in precision resistors (120 and 350 W) to enable connection of single and double strain gauges. Each channel has a provision to compensate cable losses.

Features of the CA2CF card:
  • measuring ranges selectable 100 µV/V...1V/V
  • each channel has an analog output which can be calibrated
  • bandwidth from 2kHz (-3dB) @ 5kHz carrier frequency
  • 7th-order Butterworth (-42dB/Octave) lowpass filter
  • automatic nullbalance to 65mV/V at the amplifier's input
  • galvanic isolation between sensor and amplifier through transformers
  • high common mode rejection factor >120dB
  • simple operation with multi-lingual display
  • well-proven analog technology combined with state-fo-the-art digital technology

The CA2CF to measure:

  • straingauges in ¼-, ½- and 1/1 bridge configuration
  • loadcells, pressure- and acceleration transducers
  • inductive displacement transducers (LVDT's)
  • capacitive sensors

Why use carrier frequency?

  • high sensitivity
  • high long-term stability
  • high noise reduction
  • immune to thermo-electric voltages
  • use of transformers provides galvanic isolation

CA4AI: 4 channel DC amplifier

The 4 channel DC input card is the latest addition to the PICAS/SIGNALOG 6000 program. With this card one can combine strain gauge measurements based on CF technology with DC measurements for thermocouples, Pt100 sensors, current etc.

Features of the CA4AI card:

  • Selectable ranges
    • DC (Ri=10MW): ± 10V, ± 5V, ± 2V, ± 0.5V, ± 100mV, ± 50mV, ± 20mV
    • Current (Ri=100W): ± 100mA, ± 50mA, ± 10mA and ± 5mA
    • Resistance: 7.5 kW, 2 kW, 500 W, 100 W
  • Resitant thermosensors Pt-100 and Pt-1000
  • Thermocouples type: B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T
  • Bandwidth 10 Hz
  • Supply for external sensors: 1 x 24VDC @ 80 mA

High speed controller card PB6100 Processor

  • Common info:
    • 16 bit micro with 16 bit A/D converter
    • Measurement speeds up to 20,000/s 4 measurement groups with individual speeds
  • Communication:
    • USB PC communication (configuration, data-storage, reading)
    • RS232
    • RS485 to communicate with other PICAS/SIGNALOG systems
  • Datalogger function
    • 2 Mb SRAM voor storage of about 50,000 measurement values
    • Real time clock
    • Storage of various data-sets

Download Picas, Signalog and Signasoft 6000 documentation and software