Key facts about Peekel Instruments


Key products:

  • Strain gauge equipment
  • Analog amplifiers
  • Dataloggers
  • Monitoring system
  • Loadcells

Key customers:

  • BAM, DASA, Airbus, Dornier, Deutsche Bahn, NS
  • KLM, Mercedes, VW, Bosch, BMW, Volvo
  • Mannesmann, Krupp, IABG, MTU, ZF, NLR, DLR
  • Schiphol Airport, Marin, SKF
  • And major European Technical Universities

Key applications:

  • Mechanical testing
  • Industrial weighting
  • Material testing
  • Structural testing
  • Vibration analysis

Key industries:

  • Building research
  • Aircraft
  • Railways
  • Cars
  • Shipbuilding
  • (Nuclear) Power plants
  • Defense

Peekel Instruments, founded in 1946, is now one of Europe's oldest quality manufactures of electronic instruments and systems for highly accurate measuring of a wide variety of electrical and physical properties.

Strain gauge measuring technology for experimental materials- and construction analysis has always been the backbone of our delivery programme. Our traditional clients are the larger scientific and industrial laboratories of the world. Our expertise, however, is now more and more applied in general industrial measuring systems. We still maintain a comprehensive range of standard products, but we have become ever more involved in designing and manufacturing small series of specials. Tailor made systems, products and software are an increasing market for Peekel Instruments.

When you look for an optimal solution for your measuring problem, do contact Peekel and benefit from our extensive experience.