StrainBUSter CAN-bus module

StrainBUSter: CAN-interface module for decentralised strain measurement

  • Available as Starter kit
  • Strain gauge, Pt-100 and potentiometric sensors
  • CAN Interface
  • 18 Bit A/D converter resolution
  • Up to 5 Km cable
  • Selectable bus-speed
  • Daisy chain upto 60 devices
  • More information…
Strainbuster CAN measuring module

There is an increasing tendency to investigate the behaviour of large constructions under varying load conditions. Examples are: bridges, wind turbines, tower cranes, etc. Usually it is quite inconvenient to apply half- or full straingauge bridges onto such constructions, for which reason mostly single (1/4 bridge) gauges are utilized. This, however, usually implies cumbersome wiring to the inputs of the (remote) measuring amplifiers.

StrainBUSter has been developed to solve these problems by placing the measuring circuit in the direct vicinity of each point of measurement. Here all signal conditioning is done, after which all measured values are being transmitted via a CAN bus to one convenient central place, thus building one decentralized system. In this way, up to 120 measured values can be transmitted very reliably over longer distances.

Each StrainBUSter module has 2 separate input channels. The single straingauge, or the Pt100 sensor, is connected through a 3-wire connection, eliminating cable losses at the input side.

The CAN-bus port of StrainBUSter can interface with the PC through (third party) interface modules, which are widely available as:

  • USB <====> CAN
  • Parallel port <==> CAN
  • ISA/PCI card <=> CAN

Each module has 2 identical sets of CAN bus connection terminals, to enable easy installation of a so-called Daisy Chain Network.A maximum of 60 units can be connected to one bus.

A daisy chain Network of StrainBUSters

Signasoft 6000: Software for PICAS, StrainBUSter and Signalog 6000

PEEKEL has developed an extremely user-friendly software package called Signasoft 6000. This software runs under Windows XP (SP3), Vista and Windows 7, 8.x, 10 and facilitates the (remote) configuration of the measuring amplifier system PICAS and Signalog 6000, but also for the StrainBUSter decentralized measurement modules. One PICAS, a PICAS and a StrainBUSter, a StrainBUSter and a Signalog 6000 and a PICAS, all sorts of combinations are possible in one software package called Signasoft 6000. It contains important features like the on-line reading of measured values as well as datalogging of all measurements for later evaluation. Below some printouts from that program.

Download StrainBUSter documentation, manuals and software

Example Application